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Information on Platform

We have designed our financial plans with the number 12 in it's core, Twelve is the number of what is completed, which forms a whole, a perfect and harmonious unit. Allende tells us that it expresses the idea that the Universe forms a whole, associated with the idea of differentiation - 10 + 2. The principle behind our investment plan is to provide the fastest return on investment possible with minimum risk for both of us, that we consider as the golden spot for efficiency & mutual prosperity at our long-term partnership.

Laser Online members can benefit from our highly lucrative affiliate program with 5% instant reward credit for all their referrals deposits. Grab this opportunity to work from home & earn money online, by simply inviting your friends & family or by sending us web traffic. We accept anyone, anywhere as here you can enjoy multiple streams of Passive income!

Guaranteed 12% Daily!

12% Daily Returns for 12 Business Days: This plan was excecuted to return a steady daily interest that will be credited automatically to your account balance every business day (from Monday to Friday) until your deposited principle has expired after 12 business days. Upon expiry, the invested sum is absorbed and you will stop making further profits unless you invest any new funds further.

If you'd start with $10,000 deposit, you'll be credited $1,200 interest every 24 hours (on business days) for the next 12 business days. After 9 business days you'll pass break even point with over 108% back (including principle) and upon expiry you will earn a total of 144% i.e. ~ $14,400 in total, in other terms NET profit of $4,400 ~ 44% per term. You can withdraw from your available balance, or re-invest (compound) at anytime to increase your average monthly profit.

Platform Security

We take very serious responsibility for security and privacy of our partners, any technical issue triggered in our multichannel monitoring system is dealt with utmost importance by the specially assigned team. Our organization will always do its best to deliver the most up-to-date financial safety solutions, as we always strive to achieve a higher level of silent "background" protection.

You can rest assured your private account data will remain confidential, strongly encrypted and securely stored in a remote, state of the art datacenter. We believe our users should not be bothered with security issues at all, leaving our Safety Department specialist team to solve any issues efficiently behind the scenes. We will keep our vigilant eye protecting your funds & privacy by any means. Your trust will never be arbitrated. Laser Online Platform crafted for your bright future with zero compromises!

REAL Testimonials

Here are just a few comments from REAL customers of LASER.ONLINE out of the ~1000 pages of positive comments about receiving payments and changing people's lives, don't miss out.

When I started with Laser back in September 2017 I only had $36 to invest and a lot of doubts, fears and apprehensions in my mind. All those fears have gone! I am extremely impressed with their approach, support, innovation and rewards programs. 1st class! Absolutely 1st class on all levels! Support always respond and sometimes they even leave voice messages on telegram for you. Thank you LaserOnline. I have climbed the mountain and my eyes have seen the glory!


02 November 2017 @ 04:18

We earn a $90 K salary, ~$28 K credit card debt, ~$30 K car loan & a $230 K mortgage Basically living paycheck to paycheck; by Oct 13 I deposited ~$1,300 and now Nov 1, we've grown to $4,700 We now see light at the end of the debt trap, in 12 days, it's going to be one month since we started LaserOnline and we're looking at $10,385 in Capital, earning $1,113 a day! My brother deposited $4,000 today and expects a $475 payday tomorrow, my wife initially deposited $282 and is already over $600!


02 November 2017 @ 03:24

Initially was hesitant to use Laser Online, however was convinced after honest feedback from some members so decided to take the plunge, invested a comfortable amount that i'm willing to not see for a couple of weeks and she how it all goes. Was totally convinced when I withdrew and received first payout back into my wallet. Looking forward to see how i'm sitting in 6 months time using Laser. The Cheesy 80's Synths and early 2000's website design is even starting to grow on me as well :)


27 October 2017 @ 09:15