Buy Bitcoin with your Visa or Mastercard

CoinBase: Buy Bitcoin with Visa, MC, ACH Bank Account

Coinbase is the most well-known bitcoin buy/sell platform. They now host Litecoin and Ethereum wallets as well as the Bitcoin and USD Wallets. Coinbase allows you to buy any of the coins listed, using your Visa, Mastercard or link your bank account for larger transactions through ACH. Sign up and start buying BTC, today! Make sure to use their Trade section to purchase your first coins.

xCoins: Buy, Borrow or Lend Bitcoin

xCoins allows one to deposit Bitcoin into their account to lend out to others with generous interest rates. Do you have Bitcoins, already? Lend your Bitcoins out TODAY and receive that same interest rate, paid to you! xCoins also allows you to purchase Bitcoins, using Paypal or Credit Cards.

CoinSpot: Buy COINS in AUD

CoinSpot allows you to buy and sell many types of crypto currencies using AUD (Australian Dollars) or the many types of digital currencies it supports. Also, use the web wallet service to store small amounts, ready to sell. Some coins supported are; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, PIVX, NEM, Zcash, Golem, AdEx, Rise, Stellar, Steem, Bitcoin Cash, Bitquence, Zcoin, Komodo, Civic, Monaco, Qtum, and many, many more.